DJs Appearing at The Benidorm International Soul Fiesta 2022

Dave Raistrick

My first real taste of Rare Soul was in the summer of 1972. By 1973 I had made a trip to Blackpool Mecca, heard Tony Clarke – Landslide, and I’ve never really looked back from that day. In the 43 years since, I’ve attended most of the major venues in the UK and continue to do so. I have taken over 150 trips to the USA searching for records as a record dealer, collector, DJ and discovered many great sides, now considered to be highly prized collectors items – My mail order company has been operating since 1978 and I have opened shops in Grantham, Nottingham, Stockport and one currently in Skegness. In 1999 I started the highly successful Skegness Weekender and we celebrate our 17th anniversary in Sept 2016. 5 tunes you can expect to hear from me this weekend. Classics & New discoveries. 60s&70s

Soul Casanovas – Pushin’ Too Hard – Virtue

Flirtations – Stronger Than Her Love – Festival

Donna Colman – Love’s Too Strong – Avin

V.M.Ps – I’m Not The Loser – April&Blackwood

Timeless Legend – I Was Born To Love You – Dawn Lite

 Mick H

I started out on the Northern soul scene in 1973 and did all the famous allnighters back in the heyday. Have been lucky enough to be invited to DJ in many of the European countries including Norway, Finland, Germany, Spain etc. I co-promote the Lifeline All-nighters in Uk and have been a resident DJ at Kings Hall Stoke for the past 12 years as well as playing the Cleethorpes and Prestatyn Weekenders. A collector of all types of soul music, including Deep, Crossover, Funk, Modern, Rare and Northern here’s 5 I may dig out for the Main Room of the Benidorm International Soul Festival…

Gwen Owens – Just Say Your Wanted And Needed – Velgo

Larry Clinton- She’s Wanted In Three States – Dynamo

Frankie Karl – You Should O’ Held On – Philtown

Henry C – Country Girl

Jimmy Burns -I Really Love You – Erica

 Mark Speakman

I started DJing in 1970 in my local youth, heavily influence by some Twisted Wheel regulars, I progressed to the local North Wales soul scene then guesting at the Colwyn Bay all nighters in the 1970’s. In the early 1980’s I ran a few local events and Dj’d at   numerous North Wales venues and was invited to be a regular DJ in the Starlight Room at the Morecambe Pier all nighters. In the late 80’s and 90’s I started getting invites to play spots at clubs around the UK. Since the rise of the weekenders I’ve spun discs, in Prestatyn, LLandudno, Southport, Cleethorpes, Spain (Hitsville & Soul Tempo), Portugal, Gibraltar as well as guesting at three Australian Nationals. Here’s five records you may here from me at the Fiesta…

Magnetics – Lady In Green – Bonnie

The Carpets – I Just Can’t Win – VeeJay

Jimmy Mack – My World Is On Fire -Palmer

Jimmy Radcliffe – Helpless – Acetate

Margaret Little – Love Finds A Way – Genebro

 Pete Fowler – Perth Soul Club

Grew up in Chorley Lancs in the thick of this strange “new” musical genre and like many others became curious after attending youth club events. Curiosity was quickly transformed to obsession after my first visit to Wigan aged 15 where I became a regular, also at the Highland Room until 1979. Got ripped off by a bootlegger at the Mecca in 76 and have been an anorak ever since! Emigrated to Perth Australia in 92 and started a monthly do in 96 followed by the annual Aussie National Weekender 2 years later. Both took off and are still going strong today.

In terms of current spins I’m hopelessly stuck in the 60s and like everyone else the status is very fluid! However these 5 will never be far from the decks…..

Professionals – That’s Why I Love You – Groove City

Lillie Bryant – Meet Me Halfway – Tay-Ster

Don Varner – Tear Stained Face – Quinvy

Ike & Tina Turner – Strange – Sonja

Sidney Barnes – I Hurt On The Other Side – Blue Cat

 Denny Johnson

1958 vintage, born and grew up in and around Widnes (Lancs). First exposure to soul music was as a 13 year old at our local youth club where some bloke called Brian Rae was doing Tuesday night discos. Somewhere between 16 and 17yrs old I graduated to The Carlton club in Warrington, quickly followed by Wigan Casino all-nighters, Whitchurch all-dayers, Cleethorpes, St Ives, Manchester Ritz and many other odd venues up and down the country, including a flirtation with Jazz funk, before emigrating South Africa in 1981 and thinking that the soul scene was all behind me, so I’d better get on with starting a career and a family. In 1990 I got a job with a South African company that involved lots of overseas travel, mostly back to the UK. With that new job and the advent of the internet, it was just too easy to drop back into the scene.

I emigrated to Perth, Australia with my family in 2000 just as the Northern Soul scene was ramping up in Australia. We still live in Perth but I’m still travelling all over the place, still collecting vinyl and lucky enough to get occasional DJ gigs here and there!

Musical taste is truly across the board, and currently in my play box you’ll find things like:

Eddie Parker – I’m Gone – Awake

ZZ Hill – That’s It – Kent

Gil Scott-Heron – Willing – Arista

Gloria Scott – A Case Of Too Much Love Making – Casablanca

The Hamilton Movement – She’s Gone – Look Out

 Barbara Grassi – Black Trefoil Soul Club: Genova

I started in the Mod scene in the early 9ts, and immediately fell in love with Soul music.

After a djing experience for the Soul Connection, founded by Carlo Campaiola, in 2003 I took over the promotion of the Black Trefoil Soul Club of Genoa, the oldest Soul Club of Continental Europe. During the last years I had the chance to attend, as DJ or simply as a punter, at the main European events. Home is where I can find good music, Soul lovers and a nice dancefloor.

Celest Hardie – You’re Gone – Reynolds

The Montclairs – Hey You! Don’t Fight It – Arch

The Hamilton Movement – She’s Gone – Look Out

Timeless Legend – I Was Born To Love You – Dawn Lite

Unique Blend – Yes I’m In Love – Eastbound


 Marc Forrest (Berlin)

I started out deejaying as a 16 year old Mod and soon after founded the Hip City Soul Club in Berlin that celebrated its 25th Anniversary in July 2015. During the last 28 years I did several long running Rare Soul shows on national Radio, published two long running fanzines, released a good handfull of records on our own Hip City Soul Club Record imprint. I have been lucky to have been invited to DJ in almost every single country on the soulful European map and still enjoy being invited to most of the premier continental Soul events. My all-time top five Northern Soul records in my possession are hard to nail down but will more or less include:

Jackey Beavers – Love That Never Grows Old – Revilot

Little Stanley – Outasight Loving – Vance

Springers – Nothings Too Good For My Baby – Wale

Salvadors – Stick By Me – Wise World

Lou Pride – Com’un Home In The Morning – Suemi

See you in Benidorm in May!! “Gimme two blocks line, baby its R&B Time!”

 Bruno Jerez : Paris/New York

Now based in New York Bruno started to collect soul vinyl when he was 15, his first trip to the US was in 82, during the last 30 years he has travelled across the USA and accumulated thousands of soul records. “I have been in touch with the Soul scene during the 70s & 80s. Nowadays my target is to revitalize the French Northern Soul Scene in Paris. With 3 friends we run the “Paris Magic City Northern Soul” semester event in Paris for 4 years.

I like to spin quality Rhythm & Soul, Northern Soul, R&B, Boogaloo and Jazz-Groove

As with most people it’s hard to pin down just 5 records I’d like to play but I’ve narrowed it down to these 5 that may well see their 2 and half minutes on the turntables of the Benidorm International Soul Festival:

Esther Grant – Let’s Make The Most Out Of love – Wilstone

Ramona Collins – You’ve Been Cheating – Clark’s

Ray Pollard – This Time – Shrine

Camaro’s – We’re Not Too Young – Dar Cha

Del Rays – Love Came – Paris Tower

 Gerd Baum : Dusseldorf, Gemany

I discovered my record collecting gene as a school kid and got into soul music a few years later via a mix-tape of a mate. Not much later I was asked to DJ at a local club- night in my then home-town Hamburg due to having amassed a tiny collection of soul tunes. From then on the collection grew and from time to time I was asked to dj at soul events all over Germany. Nowadays I am living in Düsseldorf where I am promoting the D-Town Soul Club and have been lucky enough to be asked to dj at quality soul events all over Europe. I enjoy travelling a lot and love listening and dancing to other peoples choices as much as playing records myself.

Some of my favorite spins:

Papa Bear & The Cubs – You’re So Fine – Sms

Sweets – Something About My Baby – Soultown

Earles- Everybody Loves Somebody- Tee-ti

Pat Lewis- No One To Love- Solid Hit

Billy Byrd- Lost In The Crowd- Scream

Shaun Parker : Wolverly Soul Club

I discovered the wonderful world of Northern soul in 1973 when at 14 i was introduced to this life changing scene by a couple of older lads at school who brought in and played their records at lunchtimes. I was very quickly converted and have been a Northern Junkie ever since. Blackpool Mecca and Wigan were the pinnacles of my youth but also local venues like the Nautical William and the Birmingham Locarno. Within a couple of years i had built a decent collection and started playing some local guest spots but finding myself married and a Dad at 17 resulted in me having to sell most of my collection (One of the biggest regrets in life). Fast forward 25 years and i was back on the scene big time and attending events at every opportunity. Then 9 years ago a friend asked me to do a small guest spot at a local club with my small collection and this led to us launching Wolverley Soul club that is now in its ninth year. This has led to resident monthly spots at three other West Mid venues plus numerous guest spots that’s include Weekenders and the Infamous Keele all-nighter. My reputation, Ethos and OVO record collection has been built on ensuring I engage with the room I am playing, create a buzzing atmosphere and leave the dancers wanting more every time. This is my third year at The Benidorm Fiesta having been proud to be involved from its beginnings.  Here’s five you might hear me play at the 3rd one …

JT Parker…..You want to hold on…Academy

Gene Toones….What More Do You Want….Simco Demo

Bill Bush….I’m Waiting…..Ronn Records

The Harvey Averne dozen…..Never Learned To Dance…..Uptite demo

The Four Perfections….I’m Not Strong Enough….Party time

Keith Money

Keith resides in Dundee in Scotland and is a respected collector and DJ who, having first DJ’d at the Claremont Hotel in Edinburgh in the 1990s, has since played at most of the major events in both UK and Europe over the years. Just a short list of the venues Keith has DJ’d at gives an insight into his DJ experiences as it contains such events as Cleethorpes Weekender, Fleetwood Weekender, Prestatyn Weekender, Blackpool Soul Fiesta, Hamburg, Runaway Love (Asturias Spain), Rimini, (Italy) Deep Cliffs Algarve in Portugal and lots of other venues.  Probably the biggest feather in Keoth’s musical cap is the fact that he has also been a resident DJ at the legendary 100 Club in London for more than 10 years.  So we are extremely pleased to announce he will be the featured guest playing The Cotton Club on both nights at this year’s Fiesta. 

He found it hard to select 5 records but eventually settled on the following

Four Andantes – Hipper Than Me – Mo Do

Roy Roberts – So Much In Love – Sugar,

Sugar Boy and the Shades of Black – Free Man – Shades,

Honey Bs – What Love Can Do – Bs Wax,

The Intensions – She Needs Somebody – USA Records.

Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor is originally from higher Ince nr Wigan and first got into Northern Soul around 1980 via local youth clubs. He made a few visits to Wigan Casino’s Friday night under 18s a year later and those nights ignighted a life-long passion for soul music. By the age of 16/17 used to attend the clubs round Wigan such as Bluto’s, Chaplins, Turnkey and Tiffany’s . As his passion developed it was further cemented 25yrs ago at clubs like Lowton , Golborne , Cricketers , Horwich Leisure Centre , Stoke,  The Orwell as well as countless other local gigs. His first foray into DJing came about almost 20 years ago when he used to go to the Monaco to dance,  had records but never thought about djing until he was asked to stand in for the first hour as one of the regular DJs couldn’t make it. Since then he has DJ’d at a number of larger events like the Prestatyn Weekender, the Jersey Weekender & other gigs up and down the country and promotes a nice little ‘across the board’ venue in Leyland ” Soul On Saturday “. he still DJs at the Monaco every month and is still very much in love all aspects of soul music.

We at The Benidorm International Soul Fiesta are chuffed to bits that Bob accepted our offer to join the team and are really looking forward to his sets which are planned for both The Main Room and the Cotton Club during our event.

Here’s 5 records that Bob might play in his main room sets:

Anderson Brothers – I Can See Him Loving You – GSF

Willie Kendrick – Change Your Ways – RCA Victor

Channel 3 – Sweetest Thing – Dakar

Flame N King & The Bold Ones – Ho Happy Day – NYCS

Bobby Treetop – Wait ‘Til I Get To Know You – Tuff

Julian Bentley

Julian Bentley’s soul journey started way back in 1964 when he attended his first allnighter at the Halifax Jazz Club as a young teenager.  A few years later he had started collecting records and in 1969 was DJing alongside Les Cokell at Lord Jim’s in Huddersfield. A regular at The Twisted Wheel Julian was in on the ground floor of the advent of Northern Soul alongside Dave Godin and a young Ian Levine who used Julian as a record provider when Blackpool mecca took off. Records that Julian first furnished to Ian were the likes of Johnny Sayles, Johnny Jones and The Casuals, and Geraldine Hunt.   His involvement continued as the Twisted Wheel closed and the Golden Torch developed it’s mantle of the #1 Soul Club. When the Torch closed Julian drifted away from the scene, concentrating on his career and subsequently missed the Wigan and Stafford Eras but returned with a vengeance in the late 90s. Although mainly a collector Julian does venture out now and then DJing and has been an active member and DJ of the Hitsville Soul Club where he has been the resident Friday Night highlight for the past decade or so. He’s also took to the turntables at the following events over the past few years… Southport Weekender, Greatstone Hotel, Greenhill Bowling Club, Ramsbottom CC, as well as DJing at every Torch Reunion (Class of ‘72).

We have scheduled Julian’s sets to take place in the Soul Terrace and the Cotton Club over The Fiesta and here’s 5 records he may play in each room.

Soul Terrace:

Freddie Chavez – They’ll Never Know Why – Look

Nabay – Believe It Or Not – Impact

Geri Grainger – I Go To Pieces – Bell

Sandi Sheldon – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me – Okeh

James Fountain – Seven Day Lover – Peachtree

The Cotton Club:

Ray Agee – I’m Iosing Again – Soul Town

Aspirations – You Left Me – Peaches

Combinations – I’m Gonna Make You Love Me – Kimtone

Karmello Brooks – Tell Me Baby – Milestone

William Powell – Heartaches, Souveniers – Powerhouse


I couldn’t really help becoming part of the Soul Scene growing up in the north west of England. Events were on everywhere. The older kids at school were Wheel regulars so I had an introduction at a relatively young age. I started attending events probably late 1971/ early 1972 and like most started building a box of records. I was soon playing records at the local youth clubs and discos. Within easy reach were the various clubs who were part of the Mecca circuit and of course the Casino which was only 20 minutes away. I went to University in Leeds and struggled to find the same number of venues but discovered The Central in the City centre, although most of the events I attended continued to be in the North West.

By the mid 1990s, I had a pretty decent box of records and was asked to do a couple of spots. I think the first was a place called The Loft ..As a regular I DJd the Engine Shed then on to York Soul Club where I was resident for 15/16 years .The club very much reflected the type of records being played at The Wilton and The 100 Club with an emphasis on Rare and Underplayed and New Sounds.

With the opening of The Bridlington Weekender now in its 13th year I was asked to join the team and I now DJ 3 rooms there. The Main Ballroom, The Rare and Underplayed Room and The RnB Room. Closely following on the success was the Scarborough Weekender. DJing The Main and Rare rooms.

I can currently be found out most weekends DJing somewhere both in the UK and having DJd in Spain, Italy, Denmark and Holland. As well as the weekenders above I am resident DJ at The Wardrobe in Leeds and The Mojo in Hull.  Although I have DJ’d in Spain several times this will be my first time behind the decks in Benidorm and really look forward to joining the team for 2020, many of whom I have had the pleasure of DJing with in the past. To pick 5 records for the Cotton Club is a difficult task but here are 5 that are always in the box

Mel Williams   Groove My Mind    Chipper.

Lafite     Help Me Find Her    Rosemount.                      

Wane Harrell     Lonely Girl     Virtue Acetate.

Faye & The Hillettes Where Did He Go   Audiodisc.

The Shades    Hit It       Country Color


From Selby,a small market town in North Yorkshire.I have been on the scene since the early 70,s and although a regular at the Casino my passion has always been the Cleethorpes sound.I occasionally try to dance a bit but my 62 year old legs are not what they used to be but still love the music as I did at 17.

Few tunes I will probably play are:-

Bonnie Miller…what you trying to do to me

Nate Evans ….this time with feeling

The Mighty Typhoons…I’m coming home in the morning

Yvonne fair…..walk out the door


I’ve been involved in the scene this time around since the mid 90s. Soul music has always played a big part of my life, from collecting to being able to playing them out.

I’ve promoted events over the years like

The Prince of Wales charity soulchoons allayer and soulchoons at The Mill Croston.

Now being a resident for Blackburn Oldies Soul Club. I’m really looking forward to May, as it falls on my 65th Birthday on the 22nd.

We’ve had a blast the last two fiesta we’ve done.. Five records out of my collection that I may well play in May are:

Rubin – You’ve Been Away – Kapp

Lenny Curtis – Nothing Can Help You Now – End

Valentinos – Sweeter Than The Day Before – Chess

Frankie Beverly – If That’s What You Wanted – Sassy

Rose Batiste – Hit And Run – Revilot     


I first went to The Torch at the age of 15 to see Inez and Charlie Fox with my older sister. This was the first live black act Chris Burton had put on and the place was packed. Obviously Chris knew that this was the start of something big and many superb acts followed on eventually leading up to the famous allnighters. 1969 was the start of my obsession with soul music and it soon developed into the Northern Soul rarer music that we all know and love today.  Currently I run a club in Crewe Cheshire, THE BOX, along with my brother Johnny.

Current plays.

The Capitols – I Feel Alright.

Marvin Gaye – Don’t You Miss Me A Little Bit Baby.

Four Pro’s – Just Another Girl.

Salem Travelers – Samson and Delilah.

Angela Davis – My Love Is So Strong.


I’m originally from Ayr, but now living in Newcastle after travelling the world for 24 years with the British Army. I’ve been into Northern Soul since I was around 13 years old.  I’m only a ‘youngster’, so my first All-nighter was Morecambe Pier in 1982, which was a totally mind blowing experience, and soul music has been a major part of my life ever since.

I’m a resident DJ at ‘Dirty Souls’ and ‘Soul in the Lounge’ in Newcastle, and have DJ’d at the Queen Vic Prestatyn, Abbey Wharf Whitby, Tyneside Soul Weekender and at various Soul Nights around the ‘Toon’.

Some of the records you’ll hear me play are:

  1. Guitar Ray – You’re Gonna Wreck My Life -SHAGG
  2. Out of Sights – For the Rest of my Life – SARU
  3. The Turbines – We Got To Start Over – CENCO
  4. Alex Brown – I’m not Responsible – SUNDI Promo

5. Charisma Band – Ain’t Nothing Like Your Love – BUDDAH

Sunny Days….. and Soulful Nights!